Gambling in Hawaii?

Gambling is one of the many issues that the lawmakers of Hawaii are talking about these days. Almost three dozen bills regarding gaming, lotteries and casinos are doing the rounds currently at State Capitol.

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Why Hawaii?

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Many airline companies and travel agencies now offer affordable holiday packages, allowing practically anyone to experience Hawaii and other superb holiday destinations. Coupled with sites providing reasonably priced villas and holiday homes for rent like, having your ultimate holiday break without spending a fortune is now made possible! Continue reading

Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, Hawaii

Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, Hawaii is undoubtedly a luxury destination for the lovers of exotic lifestyle coupled with ocean adventures. Overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean, all the accommodations in the resort are positioned to allow glimpses of the ocean. The peace and solitude of privacy lulls you to sleep as you watch the sun go down at the beaches after hearty meal. Whether you are the adventurous kind or laidback type, this place gives you the right avenues to relax and have fun. Continue reading

Pictures of Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls

Oahu is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Hawaiian Islands famous for vivid and picturesque locations with rainforests sweeping over the topography. Nestled amongst the wooded terrains and enormous waterfalls, Manoa falls measuring to height of almost 150 feet is the tallest of all. You can hike through the trails to this picture perfect waterfall from the nearby locations. This trail also appeared in the movie called Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg.

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Images of Kipu Falls

Kipu Falls, Kauai

Kipu Falls is a popular tourist spot situated in Hawaii. Set in the midst of rocky walls, the waterfall is a hotspot of adventurous activities like trekking, kayaking, fishing and swimming. There had been numerous travellers flocking to this side of the globe but several daring activities like ‘rope swinging’ have been limited due to some accidents.

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Crowds gather here mostly during weekends and holidays.  The peaceful poolside views, enigmatic mountains all around and easy accessibility make this place most commonly traced by local people and tourists. Kipu Falls has a fine blend of scenic beauty set in the rough locales. A quick trip to the falls will make for a memorable experience.

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Photos of Lihue Airport

Lihue Airport

Lihue airport is a state owned public-use airport in Hawaii, United States. Though the airport does not serve as a hub for the airline carrier, but it handles both overseas and interisland flights. Lihue airport is the key airport on the island of Kauai. Covering an area of 879 acres at an elevation of 153 ft, the airport boards two asphalt runaways designated 3/21 and 17/35.

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Lihue Airport Location

Located in the south eastern coast of the island of Kauai, the airport is two nautical miles east of the center of the CDP.

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Images of Royal Lahaina Resort

Royal Lahaina Resort, Maui

The Royal Lahaina Resort justifies its reputation of a lap of luxury and retreat for the soul. This magnificent resort is located in Hawaii in the island of Maui; one of the ‘Best Islands in the World.’

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This resort is widely known for its award winning service and world class amenities solely dedicated to visitors and guests. Royal Lahaina Resort also takes pride in having surpassed excellence in its friendly hospitality reflecting the traditional, folk spirit of Hawaii.

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It is guaranteed that you could not have experienced a more blissful vacation than here on this 27 acre resort set on the Kaanapali Beach; the Kaanapali Beach is voted to be America’s Best Beach. Continue reading

Honolulu Zoo

best way to make your ex girlfriend want you back – Honolulu Zoo at Queen Kapi'olani Park, Honolulu in Hawaii, is the one zoo in entire U.S.A. that found its base on royal grants. The zoo is enveloped amidst the 300acres of land of Queen Kapi'olani P

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ark the royal land.
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Picture 1 – Honolulu Zoo Logo

Source –

Administration and maintenance of the zoo is in Honolulu City & County’s responsibility. The zoo receives an annual foot-fall of 601,510. The foot-fall is raised due to the zoo’s marvelous exhibit collection of 1230 animals from around the globe.

Honolulu Zoo History

The zoo stands on the royal land granted by King David Kal'kaua for a public park. In the year 1877, the land was cleaned and beautified and opened for the public with the name of Queen Kapi'olani Park.

Since its very initial days, the park housed an excellent collection of stunning horses and striking birds. For Kamehameha Day celebration and other carnivals, more animals and birds were brought to the park to enhance the enthusiasm of the occasions.


Picture 2 – Honolulu Zoo

Source –

Honolulu City & County took control over the public park in the year 1896. Ben Hollinger became the new administrator of Parks of the city, in the year 1914. He was fascinated with animals and kept increasing the collection of animals in the park.

During the Great depression in the 1930s, Honolulu Zoo was about to shut down but somehow managed to exist in great misery. The zoo revived its condition in the year 1974 with a new enthusiasm when some animals were donated to the zoo. Honolulu bupropion sr 150 mg if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link77″).style.display=”none”;} buy super cialis if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link76″).style.display=”none”;} city and county also approved a grand plan of extension of the zoo, and the works started on renovating and extending the latest look of the zoo extending 42acres more.

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Waikiki Aquarium

The Waikiki Aquarium was earlier known as the Honolulu Aquarium. It was initially established by the Honolulu Rapid Transit and Land Company for the commercial purpose. This aquarium is the third oldest aquarium in the world which has various exhibits showing the diverse marine organisms and flaunts to the world the riches of the Hawaii reef.

Waikiki Aquarium, Hawaii

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Picture 1: Waikiki Aquarium, Hawaii


Waikiki Aquarium Location

The Waikiki Aquarium is located at the shoreline in 2777 Kalakaua Avenue. It is a walking distance from the Waikiki Beach. The Waikiki Aquarium was founded in 19th march 1904. It is the third oldest aquarium in the United States. Since 1919, the University of Hawaii took over the administration of the Waikiki Aquarium.

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Kilauea Volcano – Facts, Information, Location, Military Camp and Tours

Kilauea volcano is located within the Hawaii National Park on Hawaii’s Big Island. The word Kilauea means ‘much spreading’.  It lies on the south eastern part of the Mauna Loa (mountain and volcano) which are in the districts of Puna and Kauin the Big Island of Hawaii. Approximately 13% of the Big Island is covered by the Kilauea Volcano. Kilauea Volcano is the most active and the youngest Volcano of the Hawaiian shield. It is also the world’s most active volcano. It erupts almost constantly from the vents on the rift zone and the caldera. It has records of uninterrupted eruption since 1983.

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History of the Kilauea Volcano

It is estimated that the Kilauea Volcano started forming at around 300,000-600,000 years ago. According to the geological studies when the drill hole samples were examined, the surface exposure analysis were done and it was found out that it was embedded mostly of the solidified lava flow and the explosive eruption deposits.
Kilauea is considered as the home of Pele, the goddess of volcano by the ancient Hawaiian legends. There were several formations of lava named after the volcanic Goddess Pele, like the Pele’s tears which were lava droplets which cooled in the air retaining the tear like shapes. Pele’s hairs which were brittle strands of volcanic glass formed when the lava enters the ocean. According to the Hawaiian mythology, Kilauea was where Pele Goddess of volcano and the rain God Kamapua’a had conflicts between.
Kilauea Volcano has a history of eruption from three areas, its summit and the two other rift zones. The eruptions are mainly from the rift zones than from the summit area. Most of the eruptions of the Kilauea volcano are gentle and sends lava flowing down slope from a fountain of eruptions from few meters to hundreds of meters above.

Kilauea volcano Facts

Kilauea volcano is probably amongst the most active volcanoes of the world and may probably top the ranking. It is the youngest volcano of the Hawaii.  Ever since 1983 the volcano has been continuously erupting from its east rift. The Kilauea volcano has erupted 62 times in 245 years, and 34 since 1952. The lava flows towards the Pacific Ocean. Most of the Kilauea surface comprises of the lava which is around 1000 years old and some parts which dates back to 600 years old.
The eruption that began on 3rd January 1983 still continues and the lava flow travels 12 km to finally vent into the sea. The Kilauea volcano eruption of the 1790 had taken away several lives. On March 25th of 2008 when the lava of the volcano reached the coast of Puna, there was a spectacular display of color and light. Since then the civil defense officials of Hawaii have set up a viewing point for the visitors to witness the amazing display when the lava meets the ocean.
Kilauea volcano military camp
Kilauea military camp is located in the Hawaiian volcano national park. The Kilauea military camp sits at a spectacular location where the natural wonders and the marvels of the most active volcano can be seen. Designated as the one of the 20 world heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural Organization (UNESCO) and international biosphere reserve.  The Kilauea military camp is open to all active as well as retired military, all the retired and the active officials of the Department of the defense civilian, members of the Reserve and the national guard and also Coast Guard civilians, sponsored and dependents. Continue reading